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Perform a variety of skilled automotive and equipment maintenance tasks, such as inspecting, repairing and rebuilding equipment Responsible for repair and maintenance of a wide variety of trucks, cars and other equipment. Perform related work as required.


This position is under the general supervision of the City Engineer/Director of Public Works.


An employee in this position may be called upon to do any of the following duties: (These examples do not include alof the tasks which the employee may be expected to perform.)

It is not essential to possess all of the skills listed below.

  1. Inspects, repairs and maintains a service record for all functional parts of automotive and mechanical equipment, such as trucks, tractors, backhoes, bulldozers, plows and loaders owned by the city. This work is primarily for the Department of Public Works, but could also include vehicles from other departments.
  1. Inspects defective equipment and diagnoses malfunctions using testing equipment and factory manuals.
  1. Road tests vehicles to evaluate corrective measures.
  1. Discusses mechanical problems with equipment operators and may work with the operator’s assistance in the maintenance and repair of the equipment.
  1. Repairs Diesel and Gasoline engines, pumps, hydraulic lines, other auxiliary equipment, generators, and compressors. Replaces worn or broken parts and may manufacture parts using portable and electric welders.
  1. Performs routine maintenance activities, adjusting brakes, aligns wheels, changing oil and filters, tightening bolts and screws, checking tires, batteries, and lubricating moving parts.
  1. May go into field to repair equipment or bring equipment back to garage for repairs.
  1. Ensures that reasonable safety precautions are taken on all jobs.
  1. Operates a variety of tools including hoists, hand tools, drills, welders, grinders, torches and so forth.
  1. Maintains all warehouse equipment and keeps the warehouse clean and orderly.
  1. Answers the telephone, taking messages, work orders, complaints and providing routine information.



Applications may be received and filed with the City Manager’s Office at City Hall, 2511 10th St., Menominee, MI.





Please check back often for available job opportunities with the City of Menominee.

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