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The Menominee Building Department supports the safety and quality of life for the residents and visitors of the City of Menominee through enforcement of the Michigan Building Code.

Mission Statement

The permitting and inspection process promotes high quality design standards as well as the conservation, rehabilitation and reuse of the City’s existing buildings.

Before beginning construction on a building or structure, it is necessary to submit an application in writing to the building official for a building permit. A permit is also required when the use or occupancy of a structure or portion thereof is changed, such as when a vacant building is remodeled for renewed or new use.
Ordinary repairs, which are limited to painting, papering, carpeting, cabinets, counter-tops, and similar carpentry work, do not require a building permit. A building permit is required where repairs involve the cutting away of any wall, partition or portion thereof, the removal or cutting of any structural beam or bearing support, or the removal or change of any required means of egress, or rearrangement of parts of a structure affecting the exit requirements; nor the addition to, alteration of, replacement or relocation of any standpipe, water supply, sewer, drainage, drain leader, gas, soil, waste, vent or similar piping, electric wiring or mechanical; nor any other work that affects public health or general safety.
Minor repairs or maintenance of electrical systems including the replacement of lamps or the connection of approved portable electric equipment to approved permanently installed receptacles; the replacement of any minor part that does not alter the approval of installed mechanical equipment or appliances or makes such equipment or appliance unsafe; and the stopping of leaks in drains, water, soil, waste or vent piping, does not require permits. However, when it becomes necessary to remove or replace equipment or piping with new material, the work is considered as new work and permits shall be obtained and inspections made as required for new construction.



Building Department

When is a License necessary to secure a Building Permit? A person engaged in the construction of a residential structure or a combination residential and commercial structure must be licensed as a Residential Builder with the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. There are certain exceptions in the licensing law (P.A. 299 of 1980, as amended) to this requirement. But generally any person who contracts with a property owner to do residential construction or remodeling whose total project value is $600 or more, including material and labor, is required to be licensed as either a Residential Builder or a Maintenance and Alteration Contractor. To view more license requirement information, go to & requirements  

Building & Trade Codes:

  •  2015 Michigan Part 8 Electrical Code – Used for electrical device construction.
  •  2015 Michigan Mechanical Code – Used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) construction.
  •  2015 Michigan Plumbing Code – Used for plumbing construction.
  •  2012 Michigan Rehabilitation Code – Used as an alternative code for existing building renovations.
  •  2015 Michigan Residential Code – Used for one and two family dwelling construction.
  •  2015 Michigan Building Code.

Climatic & Geographic Design Criterion:

  • Ground Snow Load: ....................................... 60 (lb/ft2)
  • Wind Speed: .................................................. 90MPH
  • Subject to damage from Weathering: ............ Severe
  • Subject to damage from Frost Line Depth: .... 42"
  • Subject to damage from Termites: ................. Moderate to Heavy
  • Subject to damage from Decay: ..................... None to Slight
  • Winter design temperature:............................ -10° F (97 1/2% values)
  • Ice Shield Underlayment ................................ Required
  • Radon Mitigation ........................................... Required
  • National Flood Insurance Program ................. Map Date October 16, 2012

Want to verify a Builder's License?

If the proposed project is a new building, or an addition to or change in the use of an existing building, a site plan must be submitted with a permit application. The site plan must provide the proposed uses for the buildings on the lot, the location and size of all buildings, roads and access points, and open spaces shown and dimensioned. Site plans are also required for accessory buildings, fences, driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, and all work that changes or impacts the property. Please check the zoning requirements for the property to make sure the proposed uses are allowed.
(MMC Sec. 109, Article II, Division 4)

Building plans are required to be submitted to building official for approval prior to commencing construction. Plans must indicate the size, shape, and height of all features of buildings and structures, and must be of sufficient clarity to indicate the location, nature and extent of the proposed work. Building plans are required to be sealed by a registered design professional licensed in the State of Michigan if the building is for commercial
use, multi-family residential, or if a one- or two-family dwelling over 3,500 square feet. (MMC Sec. 103-22, MRC R106 & MBC 107)
Plans are required for all building types, except:

  • Utility buildings or accessory structures of 100 square feet or less for use with one- or two-family dwellings.
  • When repair work is determined by the building official to be of a minor nature.

Plans for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems must be submitted to building official after being approved by the Bureau of Construction Codes, State of Michigan.
Plans are required for all building types, except:

  • When the electrical system rating does not exceed 400 Amps and the building is not over 3,500 square feet in area.


  • One- and two-family dwellings when the total building heating/cooling system input rating is 375,000 Btu's or less.
  • Alterations and repair work determined by the mechanical official to be of a minor nature.
  • Business, mercantile, and storage buildings have HVAC equipment only, with one fire area and not more than 3,500 square feet.
  • Work completed by a governmental subdivision or state agency costing less than $15,000.


  • One- and two-family dwellings containing not more than 3,500 square feet of building area.
  • Alterations and repair work determined by the plumbing official to be of a minor nature.
  • Assembly, business, mercantile and storage buildings with a required plumbing fixture count less than 12.
  • Work completed by a governmental subdivision or state agency costing less than $15,000.

Permits are issued after zoning and plans have been approved. While building permits are issued by the City of Menominee, permits for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing are issued by BCC at the State of Michigan. The building owner or the contractor performing the work should complete the appropriate application below and return it to the Building Department. It is recommended that the contractor apply for the permit when hired to perform the work as the permit holder is legally responsible for compliance with all codes.

City Permit Forms BCC MI Permit Forms

It is important to call for necessary inspections required by Code. Do not work beyond a required inspection as it may be necessary to remove installed materials to provide access for a proper inspection.

Building Inspections        
Menominee Bldg/Zoning Dept.   Building/Zoning Supervisor   906-863-1742
Bureau of Construction Codes   Electrical Division   517-241-9320
Bureau of Construction Codes   Mechanical Division   517-241-9325
Bureau of Construction Codes   Plumbing Division   517-241-9330

When all final inspections have been approved, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued by the City of Menominee Building Department.. Use of any structure prior to the issuance of this certificate may be subject to fines if safety code violations exist. (MMC 109-70)

Overview of the Inspection Process

Construction for which a permit is required shall remain accessible and exposed for inspection by the building official until approved. Work shall not be done beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining approval of the building official.  

Inspections shall be made after excavations for footings are complete and any required reinforcing steel is in place. Forms that are required for concrete foundations shall be in place prior to inspection and before pouring any concrete. Elevation and property lines must be identified at this inspection.
(MRC R109.1.1; MBC 110.3.1)

Concrete slab and under-floor inspections shall be made after in-slab or under-floor reinforcing steel and building service equipment, conduit, piping accessories and other ancillary equipment items in place must be inspected prior to placing or floor sheathing installed, including the subfloor.
(MBC 110.3.2)

For construction in areas prone to flooding as established by MRC Table R301.2(1) or as required in MBC Sec. 1612.5, upon placement of the lowest floor, including basement, and prior to further vertical construction, the elevation certificate shall be submitted to the Building Official.
(MRC R109.1.3; MBC 110.3.3)

Rough inspection of plumbing, mechanical, gas and electrical systems shall be made prior to covering or concealment, before fixtures or appliances are set or installed, and prior to framing inspection. (MRC R109.1.2; MBC 110)

Inspections shall be made after roof deck or sheathing, all framing, firestopping, draftstopping, and bracing are in place and pipes, chimneys and vents to be concealed are complete, but prior to installing shingles on the roof, call for an inspection of ice & water shield, and after the rough installation of electrical, plumbing, heating wires, pipes and ducts are approved. (MBC 110.3.4)

Inspections shall be made to determine compliance with the Michigan uniform energy code. Prior to covering insulation, call to have the insulation and vapor retarder inspected. (MBC 110.3.7)

When required by the building official, inspection of fire-resistance-rated construction after all lathing and/or wallboard is in place, but before any plaster is applied, or before wallboard joints and fasteners are taped and finished. (MRC R109.1.5)

When required, the owner or registered design professional in responsible charge acting as the owner's agent shall employ one or more agencies to perform inspections during construction listed under Section 1704. (MBC 110.3.9)

All construction associated with all permits must be sufficiently complete prior to requesting a final inspection and Certificate of Occupancy. This includes approval of building, elevator, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. (MRC R109.1.6, MBC 110.3.10)




For Building and Zoning Questions/Permits:

Contact Derrick Schultz/Building & Zoning Supervisor

at (906) 863-1742

City of Menominee
2511 10th Street
Menominee, MI. 49858


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